They Swallowed Live Typhoid Bacteria — On Purpose

Typhoid fever, caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi and spread in food and water, kills almost 200,000 victims a year — many of them young children — in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Survivors may suffer perforated intestines, heart problems ... Read more

Child Health: Vaccine & Therapeutic responses

Total Foundation - Institut Pasteur call for scientific projects

Since 2005, Total and its corporate Foundation chose to act against infectious diseases by uniting with the Institut Pasteur and its international network. A call for proposal is launched that intends to support original research in the field of infectious ... Read more


Global Pharmacovigilance

My Pharmacovigilance Journey

by Walter-Rodney Nagumo

Building PV interest unknowingly My interest in pharmacovigilance started in 2008 while I was at the University for Development Studies, Ghana, studying for a bachelor’s degree in applied biology. I ...